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Dear Brothers in the Faith, the tilma of St. Juan Diego where the sacred Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was stamped in 1531, and the sacred Relic delivered to Coromoto Cacique in his hand in 1652, are the only Holy Images of Divine origin, coming from heaven, not made ​​by man.

Give us Thanks to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for these wonderful apparitions.

In both images we find similarities according to studies, so we are publishing the features found in both.

Our Lady of Guadalupe



_ The Holy Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is five feet tall, is now protected by glass, but for 116 years, until 1647, was subjected to dust, humidity, salt mist near Lake Texcoco, a dung flies and insects, smoke hundreds of votive candles, the finger contact, medals, crosses, rosaries, rings, bracelets and all sorts of objects. Reason enough for him to be greatly impaired, and is not. The image is so fresh and the colors are as bright as if just paint.

_ The Holy Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is stamped on a weave of ayate made by maguey fiber, similar to pita fiber unprepared. It is a coarse weave. It even can see the movement of the arm through the light, it is transparent though that the thread is thicker. Its dimensions are 104 x 170 cm, and is formed by two parts joined in the middle by a vertical seam. The painter Miguel Cabrera says in his book “The Wonder American”, that the Holy Image also is in the reverse of the tilma. It is impossible for human hands have painted this image on the canvas without first preparing to rig, sizing or primer, as they say technically. As American scientists, Smith and Callaghan, who worked in the American NASA and the painter Francisco Camps, in its opinion prepared in 1954 asserted that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is no trace of brush.

_ The Dr. D. Richard Kuhn, Director of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and Nobel Prize of Chemistry, analyzed fibers of the ayate of San Juan Diego. His opinion without knowledge of the origin of the fibers, was that there was no dye or animal, or vegetable, or mineral, or synthetic. This is an unknown dye.

_ The Dr. Enrique Graue, internationally renowned ophthalmologist, and Director of ophthalmic hospital in Mexico, says: “I ​​examined the eyes with an ophthalmoscope high power, and I can see in both eyes the depth of an eye, as seeing in an living eye.”

_ In the eyes of the Virgin of Guadalupe, was discovered in a cornea of seven millimeters, apparently, the scene that the Blessed Virgin Mary had forward, formed by a group of twelve people. These include the head of a Spanish, the Indian Juan Diego with a cap, and an Indian sitting; probably some sick or disabled who went to ask for help to the Bishop, the head of an old man who could be the Bishop Zumárraga  and the figure of a black woman. About her is explained that it was not logical to find blacks in Mexico in 1531; but reviewing the “History of the Church in Mexico,” of the Jesuit Father Mariano Cuevas, found out that Zumárraga named in his will to his black domestic.

Our Lady of Coromoto

Santa Reliquia Virgen de Coromoto

The Holy Face of the Blessed Virgin is seen smiling

Ojo Izquierdo de la Santísima Virgen (Blessed Virgin Mary left eye shows a human figure)

La Corona de la Santisima Virgen de Coromoto

_ The Holy Relic of the Virgin of Coromoto, delivered by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Cacique Coromoto on September 8, 1652, has measures 2.5 cm high by 2 cm wide.

_ Originally the Holy Relic of the Virgin of Coromoto showed in her lap the Child Jesus. But there are testimonies of the year 1746, when it was observed that by the effect of an insect that entered in the reliquary, the figure of the Child Jesus disappeared almost completely. Later, in a misguided management of the image where the glass reliquary broke, all the Holy Image suffered lamentable deterioration.

_ In the month of March 2009, it brought together a team of experts for the study and conservation treatment  of the Holy Relic and moved to a new box. The interdisciplinary team to perform microscopic study detected elements or findings that were previously unknown. We confirmed the authenticity of the relic as a Divine miracle of God.

_ They found surprising findings: presence of several indigenous symbols, the Crown of the Virgin and Child are typically Indian.

_ By microscopic observation, was identified in the eyes of the Virgin, that measuring less than one millimeter (about 2 microns), presence of iris and observing deep left eye, has characteristics of a human eye, clearly differentiates the ocular globe, tear duct, iris and a small point of light where we observed a human figure with special features, previously thought that the eyes of the Virgin were a few simple points.

_ The first fact that attention was, once analyzed water used in the treatment, the pH was found to be neutral, fact inexplicable.

_ Nancy Jimenez, responsible for restoring the Act of Independence of Venezuela, was one of those that participated in the study and conservation treatment of the Holy Relic. She had impressive detail: “When the picture was clean and clear, we begin to see amazing details: In such a small image, perfectly blurred in one eye, the image of the Indian Coromoto trying to get at the Virgin Mary as the legend explain. The imperial crown is not feathers but his features are more indigenous, as native. What we thought is a throne, is the doorway of the hut, and we see in it an indigenous symbology which is being investigated. In the Holy Relic, the Virgin appears smiling and the ink that draws it looks like it was printed yesterday.

_ Restorers mentioned the curious fact that it was estimated that the whitening of the image would take four days, but miraculously did in 18 minutes.

As seen in the findings of the Two Holy Images, both share common characteristics. The Blessed Virgin Mary gave her Holy Image to two indigenous, San Juan Diego and the Indian Coromoto. They were very important to achieve the Evangelization of peoples.

Give us Thanks to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for these two prodigies.

God Bless to you